Mental Health Pilgrim is the name of this website as I went on my own pilgrimage in 2013 to improve my mental health. I walked 1000 hard miles around Scotland and was magically cured by Unicorns of my severe depression.

This site has changed names and content over the years to include various things but now it’s mainly an outlet for my cartoons. As a cyclist, walker, mental health worker and trainee counselor I tried to keep things on a more serious level but as the cartoons develop, so does my sense of righteous indignation and desire to look at mental illness in a humorous light.

All of the cartoons and ideas are related directly to me and my experiences and as a result I reserve the right to take the piss out of them. This is mostly therapy for me and maybe through the cartoons someone in the depths of their own personal hell will get a chuckle and find the strength to face another day.